About Us

Our story

Track Metrics began in Managing Director Howard’s spare room as a tiny one-person software consultancy business, offering hosting and bespoke development. That business quickly grew with the development of MyPrintStreet – a print on demand workflow tool – which Howard created with Matt and Dave.

Then, in 2020 Kevin and Phil joined the leadership team, bringing a wealth of experience in IoT and telematics, and Track Metrics became what it is today – a fast-growing technology company with a global presence and ambitions to match!

Our mission

We seek to enhance the growth of our clients’ businesses by delivering high quality global solutions that create value and drive competitive advantage.

Our values

The Management Team

Howard Barton

Managing Director

Kevin Wood

Technical Director

Andrew Hill

Head of Product Development

Phil Hey

Consultancy Director

Always on the lookout for talented developers. Feel free to drop us your C.V. at