Business Intelligence

Data Visualisation and Reporting

At Track Metrics we have used our skills to help some of the biggest companies in the UK to visualise their data in a way that makes it easy to drill down into the detail of very large data sets to find the hidden value.

The digital age has brought with it enormous amounts of data for even the smallest companies. This data is enormously valuable but can be overwhelming without the right tools to dig into it.

Whether you are a new start up that needs us to build your business intelligence capability from scratch, need us to supply a small team to work on a particular part of your BI infrastructure or have an existing system that needs support or further development, we can help.

Our development teams embrace a lean agile methodology which enable us to pivot quickly when the requirements or business case changes.

Identify trends and problems

Visualising your data can help you spot trends and problems before they happen.

Workable business metrics

Using dashboards and KPI's we can make it easy to keep track of performance.

Unlock your data

We can structure and secure your data to show the right people at the right time.