Telematics & IoT

Telematics Specialists

At Track Metrics our staff have years of experience in Telematics, real time tracking & IoT.

From ships, trucks and cars to skips, people & dogs we have utilised our skills and knowledge to enable companies to keep track of their assets in sectors such as insurance, waste management and data analytics.

We specialise in highly available, fault tolerant real time systems that utilise the latest cloud technologies to their fullest. Whether you are a new start up that needs us to architect & build something from scratch, need us to supply a small team to work on a particular part of your system or have an existing system that needs support or further development, we can help.

Our development teams embrace a lean agile methodology which enable us to pivot quickly when the requirements or business case changes.

Cloud Architectures

Cloud technology allows us to focus on solutions not infrastructure.

Real Time Data

In a world that changes rapiddly we know that delivering information in realtime is crucial.

Scaleable Systems

From small startups to systems capable of proccessing millions of transactions a day.

We know from years of experience with IoT devices that you can't always guarantee device connectivity.

Losing important data should never happen and we design systems with security, fault tolerance and system recovery in mind from the start.

Working with some of the biggest UK insurers means dealing with large amounts of personal information, our developers know how serious an issue this is for all companies in an online world and go to great lengths to build systems that safeguard this information and restrict access to this data to the people who really need to have it..

  • Fault tollerence
  • System Security
  • Recovery
  • Data Security
  • Monitoring
  • Automated Testing